GV Elite 100W

The new Genee Vision Wireless range is designed from the ground up to revolutionise today’s learning environments and reduce cable clutter on a teacher’s desk. With its simple plug and play core, the Genee Vision Wireless is the perfect hands on portable visualiser for use in all education and business environments.

With Genee Visoin Visualisers you can make a strong impact on your audience, adding visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content on a larger scale – in fine detail.

The Genee Vision Wireless Elite range is the professional series that has been designed with a soft swan neck allowing teachers to adjust the visualiser 360 degree for use in many different applications.

The Elite professional range encourages collaborative learning as up to 60 units can be connected and used simultaneously to allow teachers to seamlessly compare students work from the connected devices.

This model also has a detachable base and built in clamp, which makes it easily secured to a desk.

Connect up to 60 Genee Vision Wireless Elite visualisers at one time and compare more than one student’s piece of work to eliminate the hassle and disruption of sharing one visualisers in a classroom.

Collaborative Connectivity

The Genee Vision Wireless Elite allows you to connect up to 60 units together and can be controlled with the powerful and intuitive software. This allows the teacher to place a visualiser on each student’s desk and instantly share their work to class.

No more cables!

Our Genee Vision Wireless range are completely wireless, there’s no need to connect any HDMI or power supply! With a wireless range of 20 meters gives the teachers the freedom to move the visualiser anywhere in the classroom and ability to create more interactive and engaging lessons.

No Need for your own Wi-Fi network

The Genee Vision Wireless creates its own Wi-Fi network which doesn’t interfere with you current IT Network. Simply plug in the Wi-Fi dongle on your device and enter the password and you are ready to go!

Bespoke Software

Easy to use and created to be an all in one software for you to use with the visualisers. With the intuitive software you can easily capture images and rotate images or choose from negative, positive or black and white. The software also allows you to record the session which you can later send to your students.

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