As a leading manufacturer of educational technology, we work closely with educational establishments to cater to their needs. We also look at the consumer market and trends with our hardware and software. We ensure our technology is compatible with new devices in classrooms as well as legacy equipment. 

Since 2005, our products have benefitted every Key Stage from Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Higher Education as well as SEN Schools and Learning Centers across the world. 

Genee Technology
The Genee School Day

Genee Registrar – Visitor & Staff Sign In System

Genee Registrar Visitor Management System provides a simple to use sign-in solution with Photo Capture, Barcode Scanning and Visitor Label Printing. This allows visitors and staff to easily sign in and out of premises.

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Nursery School

The G-Touch® Tables are pre-loaded with a range of software that encourages numeracy, literacy, creativity, letter formation, music, art and much more. Many of these programmes are multi-touch, enabling several children to use the screen at the same time. This encourages children to develop important skills such as socialising, learning to take turns, working together, sharing and communicating. 

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Mathematics (Primary)

Our G-Touch® 4K Classic Interactive Touchscreens are available in 65”, 75” & 86”, perfect for any size classroom.  With 4k image quality, front facing speakers, anti-glare and the use of SPARK II our touchscreens create dynamic lessons enhancing student learning.  

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Science (Secondary)

Our sleek G-Touch® 4K Plus Interactive Touchscreen available in 55”, 65” 75” & 86” encourages collaborative learning with a built in Android operating system, 20-point touch, front spacing speakers and mobile device screen sharing.  

Lecture (Higher Education)

Our G-Touch® 4K Emerald interactive touchscreen is perfect for the lecture hall. With easy-to-use features to help deliver captivating and engaging talks from permanent staff members and visiting speakers.  

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With seamless integration to Genee Vision Visualisers, display objects on your interactive screen and bring them to life with annotation and video playback. In addition, the Genee Toolbar provides you with the option to annotate over live images and make stop frame animation of the process. 

Genee visualisers are suitable for all Key Stages

Genee Software

Spark II

Offers a completely revolutionary means for teachers to facilitate student engagement, collaboration and interaction. The infinite canvas with an easy-to-use interface and streamlined icons, simple to drop in the content. 


Project Flow

A cloud-based lesson delivery tool allowing presentations, activities, questions and work to be sent directly to student devices. It offers automated differentiation and instant feedback on student performance to the teacher. 


Learn Hub

Easy-to-use web-based learning application which allows teachers to create themed activities on touchscreens and interactive tables. It works on any browser and allows up to four users to simultaneously interact and collaborate. 

It is also a fun way to learn.


Club Share

A canvas sharing software allows ‘presenters’ to create a meeting or lesson and invite participants to attend via a URL weblink. With the options to view the same canvas, share documents / images and collaborate using the software’s annotation tools and the built-in chat facility. 

 There is no limit on the amount of people that can join in a session


Yellow Door

A unique range of inspiring and innovative literacy and maths resources to support early years, Key Stage 1, and special needs education. From multisensory games to interactive software, we’ve combined hands-on learning with open-ended technology to promote communication and language, collaborative play, and creativity across the curriculum. 


Genee Explorer

Provides a child friendly environment to learn about the world, and search internet-based content safely within pre-defined subject areas.


Early Years

English and Maths designed for early years & key stage 1 students, providing an array of interactive activities based upon word skills and gamification.


Genee Toolbar

Genee Toolbar is a simple solution that allows users to annotate over any third-party software including videos, websites or documents such as PDFs.


Genee App Store

Designed for use in the classroom, the App Store lets you personalise your G-Touch Touchscreen experience, and brings additional content to your lessons. All apps are vetted and over 80% are free!


Dart Maths

Darts Maths is an interactive educational software, which helps children to acquire basic mathematical knowledge and develop their abilities, through a digital dartboard.

Genee Accessories

All our Visualisers focus on high quality static and moving images with its CMOS and CCD lens technology as well as its host of features to complement the classroom.  

The new Genee Wireless Visualisers adheres to the high quality of the Genee Vision Range with added flexibility and manoeuvrability removing the need for cables. 

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Designed to provide the perfect means for displaying your interactive touchscreen in the classroom.  

 We offer a comprehensive range of stands, trolleys and wall mounts. 

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With the OPS unit, screens can operate as a 2 in 1 device with all the features of a high-quality touch screen and a strong performing PC. Simply plug in the OPS unit into your G-Touch screen and realise all the benefits of working in a PC environment. OPS (open pluggable specification) enables users to upgrade their existing touchscreens to their individual requirements, while helping to future-proof technology investments. 

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