Elevate control, ignite connectivity.


Revolutionise your school or company with MDM (Mobile Device Management), your all-in-one cloud-based command centre for G-Touch® displays. Imagine a vibrant interactive ecosystem that not only simplifies complex tasks but also forms a rock-solid foundation for your digital evolution.
With MDM, you’re not just staying ahead in the digital race, you’re in control like never before. Effortlessly manage multiple devices, seamlessly share messages, and ensure your software stays up to date, all in a refreshingly straightforward manner.

Embracing the Cloud

Traditional device management often proves cumbersome, requiring manual interventions, and presenting limitations in scalability. By harnessing the power of the cloud, organisations can now manage and monitor their entire fleet of digital devices from a centralised, web-based platform.

Centralised Control and

With a unified dashboard, administrators gain real-time insights into device status, security compliance, and usage patterns. This centralised control not only enhances efficiency but also serves as a robust security measure against potential threats.

Device Lifecycle

Managing updates, patches, and upgrades manually across an entire device ecosystem can be a logistical nightmare. Our cloud-based MDM solution automates this process.

Enhanced Security

Administrators can respond promptly to security incidents, minimising potential damage and ensuring the integrity of sensitive information across all devices.

Scalability and

Our cloud-based MDM platform can effortlessly scale to meet evolving technology needs.

Main Features
Remote real-time screen control/view
Screen sharing (one to many, many to one)
Software distribution and updates
OTA and firmware management
Adjust settings (Brightness, volume, source etc.)
Power management (shut down, power on)
Policy enforcement with web and app filtering
Kiosk modes for single/multipurpose usage
Grouping and tagging
Device-level usage history and reports
Preconfigured workflows and much more!
Dynamic troubleshooting

MDM isn’t just a solution; it’s your gateway to a future of
enhanced connectivity, boosted productivity, and
unparalleled digital capabilities.

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