Grab a FREE Visualiser With Your Screen

Grab a FREE Visualiser With Your Screen
  • Date: Feb 20, 2024

The demand for seamless collaboration and enhanced visual experiences has never been higher.  

As we strive to provide innovative solutions while mindful of budget constraints, the strategic integration of Genee Solutions offers a game-changing approach.  

Explore how combining the power of the G-Touch ® Ruby and GV50UHD-3 can elevate your offerings, maximise collaboration, and revolutionise your learning space. 

Visual Impact: The GV50UHD-3 Genee Vision Visualiser 

Grab a FREE Visualiser With Your Screen

Genee Vision GV50UHD-3 Visualiser

  • Boasting an 8MP camera, this visualiser effortlessly enhances text visibility and readability, creating a visual experience that transcends traditional boundaries.  
  • Teachers can seamlessly drag live images directly into a whiteboard space, capturing snapshots and fostering dynamic storyboarding on-the-go. 
  •  The portability of the GV50UHD-3 allows for versatile use, promoting flexibility between locations and ensuring an enriched learning environment. 

Interactive Learning: G-Touch Ruby and SPARK II Integration 

  • Enter the G-Touch ® Ruby, a 65” touchscreen designed to create dynamic and interactive lessons. 
  • Paired with the SPARK II Site Licence, it offers unlimited canvas space to foster creativity in the classroom.  
  • With built-in Maths, Chemistry, and Physics Toolbars, teaching is elevated to a new level. 
  •  Import existing resources or create dynamic lessons on-the-fly, and automatically record and recall entire classroom sessions for convenient playback.  
  • The integration of live video feeds from connected Genee Vision Visualisers or document cameras adds an extra layer of support to lessons, creating an immersive learning experience. 
Grab a FREE Visualiser With Your Screen

Partnership Opportunities: Adding Value for Resellers 

For resellers currently working on quotes for 65” touchscreens, now is the time to connect with your Genee representative.  

Include a GV50UHD-3 visualiser at no extra cost. 

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As with any exclusive offer, certain terms and conditions apply. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers and is valid until March 31, 2024, subject to stock availability. Applicable to GV50UHD-3 and 65” G-Touch Ruby only.