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  • Date: Feb 21, 2024

The demands placed on educators in the modern education landscape are more complex than ever. 

The traditional tools that once served as their backbone are now proving to be cumbersome and ineffective in meeting modern day needs. As educators, the weight of carrying outdated teaching tools can be palpable, creating a barrier to delivering engaging lessons that resonate with the curious minds of young learners. The challenge lies in finding innovative solutions that bridge the gap between conventional methods and the dynamic, tech-driven world that today’s students are growing up in. 

The early years environment should be a fertile ground for creativity to bloom, but the lack of meaningful interaction can act as a roadblock. Young learners thrive when given the opportunity to engage actively with their surroundings and peers. Without adequate interaction, the potential for creative expression and exploration becomes stifled, hindering the development of crucial cognitive and social skills. 

Keeping abreast of rapidly advancing technology, evolving pedagogical methods, and the ever-growing expectations for student outcomes can be an overwhelming task. The pressure to adapt teaching approaches to meet these demands adds an additional layer of complexity. 

In this challenging educational terrain, the need for a transformative solution becomes apparent.  

Enter the Genee Play Screen and Touch Tables – a beacon of innovation designed to alleviate the burdens faced by educators in the early years, ushering in a new era of interactive, engaging, and effective teaching methods.  

Let’s explore how these revolutionary tools can not only lighten the load but also reinvigorate the joy of teaching and learning in the early years’ classroom. 

 The Innovative Design 

The integration of technology is carefully balanced with the understanding that early education is a delicate blend of guidance and exploration. 

Government Initiatives 

The Genee Play Screen and Touch Tables are perfectly aligned with new government initiatives that prioritise and champion Early Years and Nursery education. These initiatives recognise the critical role that technology plays in preparing the next generation for the challenges of the future. By embracing these tools, educators can ensure that their teaching methods are in sync with the evolving landscape. 

Revolutionising Learning 

The Genee Play Screen and Touch Tables bring lessons to life through a rich, interactive experience. Students can engage with educational content in a way that sparks curiosity and creativity, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. 

Fostering Creativity 

One of the key challenges in early years education is nurturing creativity. The Genee Play Screen and Touch Tables address this by providing a platform where students can explore, experiment, and create. The interactive nature of these tools encourages collaborative learning, allowing young minds to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking from an early age. 

Teacher Engagement 

With the support of technology, educators can adapt their teaching methods to accommodate various learning styles, ensuring that no student is left behind. 

These tools are a game-changer for Early Years, and here’s why:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
G-Touch Table

Through the versatile platform, children can increase their cognitive abilities either individually or as part of a team through a myriad of multi-touch activities. They can also dive straight into a captivating range of stories which encourage thoughtful discussions, and extract lessons in a powerful, engaging way.

  • Physical Development

We’re here to make the learning process both enriching and fun. As such, Children can enhance motor skills by immersing in interactive play experiences. Whether connecting dots, adding vibrant colours, or annotating, there’s a diverse range of activities aimed at nurturing a child’s hand-to-eye coordination.

  • Communication & Language

Harness the power of built-in interactive stories, inviting children to not only listen and read along but also engage with phonics applications and literacy-based games. These captivating features ignite a passion for language exploration, making the process of acquiring essential skills an enjoyable adventure.

  • Understanding the World Safely

Introducing the robust ‘Safe Search’ function, designed to provide a secure online environment, ensuring young users are shielded from unwarranted online material. This is a powerful tool guiding children through their discovery while putting teachers and parents at ease.

  • Literacy & Numeracy

Fuel curiosity and knowledge retention through an immersive blend of entertainment and education. Dive into a rich collection ranging from phonics and captivating sounds to fundamental activities like basic addition and subtraction. The diverse range of interactive games cater to all learning profiles.

  • Expressive Arts & Design

Let the children freely express their inner artist on the blank digital canvas. With access to a palette of vibrant colours and a variety of pen styles, the possibilities are limitless. A world of imagination awaits, where young minds can paint, draw, and create without constraints.

Packed with Software

The G-Touch Tables come pre-loaded with software to aid learning and keep students engaged in lessons.

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Other Benefits:  

  • Built-in i5 PC with Windows 10 Pro, providing a user-friendly platform to enhance educational programs and applications effortlessly.
  • Tailor your learning environment with options that suit your space – available in 32″, 43″, and 43″ high-low configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for any classroom setting. 
  • Elevate waiting times into delightful moments with children’s movie time, streamed effortlessly! 
  • Infuse vibrancy by customising your G-Touch® Early Years Table with a choice of colours that blend into your classroom.
  • Secure your investment with peace of mind – enjoy a 5-year warranty!



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