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G-Touch ® Early Years Tilt & Touch Range
  • Date: Nov 29, 2023


In the ever-evolving education landscape, the integration of technology continues to play a pivotal role in addressing the diverse needs of learners. As a company deeply committed to breaking down barriers to inclusive learning, we have introduced a groundbreaking innovation, meticulously crafted to transform the classroom where arguably it matters most – the early years!

The G-Touch® Early Years Tilt & Touch Table

This cutting-edge device has been designed with a passion for fostering interactive and inclusive learning experiences, particularly addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals on the autism spectrum.

In this piece, we delve into the Touch Table’s transformative influence on early years social development, its adept solutions to sensory challenges, and the dynamic ecosystem it fosters through the Genee App Store. Furthermore, we uncover the gamification elements that redefine educational engagement, the cutting-edge PCAP technology it employs, and how its visual supports create an accessible and enriched learning environment for all.

Ignite Young Minds – The New Way to Make Early Years Learning Fun

Empowering Inclusive Learning: The Impact on Social Development

The G-Touch® Early Years Tilt & Touch Table addresses the unique challenges students face in social interaction and confidence building. By leveraging its multi-touch capability, traditional learning spaces evolve into dynamic, collaborative hubs. This innovation promotes essential skills like teamwork, sharing, and effective communication, forming the bedrock of developmental progress. For students on the autism spectrum, the interactive nature of the table creates a low-pressure, supportive setting where social skills can organically grow. Through engaging in collaborative activities, the Touch Table becomes a conduit for learning social cues and instilling the confidence to express ideas – nurturing a sense of togetherness and shared experiences.

Educators can leverage the Touch Table’s technology to design tailored, collaborative projects that accommodate diverse learning profiles, ensuring active participation from every child. This customisation not only reinforces inclusivity but also harnesses each student’s unique strengths for collective learning.

G-Touch Table - word search game

Focus and Comfort: Overcoming Sensory Challenges

The tiltable screen of the Touch Table offers a pivotal solution to the challenge of sensory overload faced by individuals with autism, a hindrance that often disrupts their focus on educational material. Crafted with comfort as a top priority, the entire table, accounting for factors like height and reach, caters to the specific needs of each child. With an adjustable tilt of up to 75 degrees, the considerate design ensures that children can interact with educational content according to their preferences, promoting sustained engagement without discomfort or fatigue.

The clean and clutter-free interface further enhances the learning experience by eliminating extraneous visual elements, allowing children to concentrate on educational content without feeling overwhelmed. Beyond aiding learning, this design feature actively contributes to the development of fine motor skills and sensory-motor integration. In essence, the Touch Table’s thoughtful construction not only addresses the challenge of sensory overload but also champions comfort, customisation, and focused learning, making it an indispensable tool for individuals with autism in their educational journey.

G-Touch Table - storytime

Fostering Inclusivity: The Genee App Store's Dynamic Ecosystem of Educational Tools

The Genee App Store which comes with the Touch Table serves as a powerful ally in the pursuit of accessible, goal-oriented, and inclusive learning experiences for every child. Offering a carefully vetted selection of over 80 educational apps, this curated ecosystem spans a diverse array of subjects, catering to individual needs. Notably, it includes apps explicitly designed to support individuals with autism, addressing crucial areas like linguistic development and mathematical competency. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, a cornerstone of childhood development, also receive special attention in this ecosystem.

Navigating the App Store is a breeze for educators, thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows seamless searches based on specific learning goals and preferences. This intuitive experience empowers educators to effortlessly integrate tailored learning tools into the educational journey of children with autism, ensuring once again a steadfast focus on the unique needs of each learner.

G-Touch Table - Gaming


Children with autism may find intrinsic motivation challenging to cultivate in traditional learning settings, but the gamified elements of the Touch Table provide a pathway for them to discover the joy of learning for its own sake. For those who thrive on structured and rewarding experiences, this creates a motivating and enjoyable educational environment, capturing attention and promoting sustained engagement. Immediate feedback, a crucial factor in accelerating learning, is also introduced through gamified elements, where earning badges serves as a tangible acknowledgment of effort and accomplishment, and a clear roadmap of achievement beyond mere milestones is formed. Within this ecosystem, gamification becomes a tool for personalised progress tracking, enhancing not only academic knowledge but also critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.


The Touch Table represents a significant leap forward through its incorporation of cutting-edge PCAP (Projected Capacitive) technology. This advancement revolutionises touch interaction, offering children an intuitive and natural platform for honing essential skills like writing and drawing. The innovation transforms learning into an instinctive and accessible experience, ensuring seamless engagement with educational content. Accommodating diverse preferences, the hands-on approach facilitated by PCAP technology not only supports fine motor skill development but also adapts to varying touch styles, whether a child prefers a tactile, hands-on approach or a more delicate touch. The responsive nature of PCAP technology enables a smooth transition between activities, allowing children to effortlessly switch between writing, drawing, and interactive modules.

Visual Supports

Whether tackling a step-by-step guide or a complex concept, the Touch Table offers a visual scaffold for effective understanding and instruction-following. This is a powerful aid in addressing the information processing challenges faced by individuals with autism, leveraging its full 1080P resolution to create a visually accessible learning setting. This high-resolution display ensures that information is presented in a manner conducive to smoother processing, enabling children to absorb educational content at their own pace and in a format that aligns with their learning style.

The engagement of multiple senses reinforces content retention and fosters a sense of independence as learners navigate and interact with visual materials on the table. This commitment to accessibility contributes to the creation of an inclusive learning environment, ensuring active participation for every child and facilitating effective information processing.

Bring Impact to Your Classroom

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