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Project Flow is a cloud-based lesson delivery tool like no other, allowing presentations, activities, questions, and work to be sent directly to student devices. It offers automated differentiation and instant feedback on student performance to the teacher.

Teachers need to ensure that all students are performing to the best of their abilities and that lesson content is targeted to students’ individual needs and learning styles. Not only that but ensuring that students have understood all concepts before moving on to the next is crucial to embed the learning. If the class contains individuals who have not fully grasped a particular concept, teachers need to be able to dedicate time to assisting and helping these students.

With Genee’s Project Flow lesson management software, all those needs and more – are met through a range of key features including automatic differentiation, informed responsiveness, and dynamic updates to your pre-defined groups.

For an animated overview of our Project Flow software, click on the link below to watch our short product video.


Automatic Differentiation

Simply define your groups of students ahead of the lesson, with a single click you can automatically send differentiated content to students.


Dynamically Update

Dynamically change your students pre-defined groups mid-task to ensure they are working at the correct level.


Informed Responsiveness

Create questions for both summative and formative assessment and get instant results – Identify student weaknesses and target areas that require additional input.


Instant Live Chat

With the Project Flow live chat feature you can respond instantly to a students query and solve their problem.

Eyes Up Feature

Lock down the student device ensuring that they pay attention to the main classroom touchscreen when full focus is required.

Peer to Peer Review

Share a piece of student work with the class by displaying it on the interactive touchscreen encouraging collaboration.

Insert Supplementary Resources

Add in images and/ or video content to give greater visual impact to your lesson creating a more engaging classroom environment.

The Teacher’s Screen

Viewing the teacher’s screen could be used to show the differentiated content tabs, or student results and feedback.

The Main Classroom Touchscreen

Displaying the main classroom interactive touchscreen could be used to share instructions to all in the class on how to complete the task in hand, facilitating easy viewing for all.

The Students Device

Allowing the student to complete activity independently, allowing the teacher to get individual live feedback on their performance.

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