Easy to use touchscreen collaborative learning software!

Easy-to-use touchscreen collaborative learning software. Learn Hub is a web-based application which allows teachers to create themed activities on touchscreens and interactive tables. It works on any browser and allows up to four users to simultaneously interact and collaborate. It has been proved that collaborative activities increase learning and attention spans of pupils. It is also a fun way to learn.


Automatic Differentiation

Simply define your groups of students ahead of the lesson, with a single click you can automatically send differentiated content to students


Dynamically Update

Dynamically change your students pre-defined groups mid-task to ensure they are working at the correct level.


Informed Responsiveness

Create questions for both summative and formative assessment and get instant results – Identify student weaknesses and target areas that require additional input.


Instant Live Chat

With the Project Flow live chat feature you can respond instantly to a students query and solve their problem.

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