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G-Touch 4K Emerald Range

We are delighted to announce our new G-Touch® Emerald 4K Range. Our continued innovation has helped us develop an interactive touch screen with outstanding image quality. With the highest brightness and sharpest image of any G-Touch® screen we have produced; the latest optically bonded panel technology allows the Emerald displays to have wide viewing angles with next to no glare.

G-Touch Classic Range

G-Touch classic provides an array of collaborative working opportunities with multi touch technology, front facing speakers and a range of easily accessible connection ports. The slim line, lightweight design makes it ideal for a variety of uses.

G-Touch 4K Plus Range

The G-Touch 4K Plus is a new, dynamic and easy to use touchscreen from Genee that comes with powerful features including a built-in Android, screen sharing facilities, multi-touch capabilities, and wireless display mirroring.

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