Are you looking for energy and cost savings?

  • Date: Oct 10, 2022

 Go green with Genee 

All Genee LED technology has reduced impact on the environment and your running costs. 

 The current discussion nationwide, about increased energy bills, has gotten everyone worried or cautious about the amount of energy we are consuming, and how much we will be paying. At Genee, we take the environment very seriously and are always looking to aid our clients and partners in reducing carbon footprint and energy costs. This is why all Genee technology, from touchscreens and visitor management systems to touch tables and visualisers, have energy efficient LED technology built-in. 

LED backlit Touchscreens 

  • G-Touch range; Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald 

LED backlit Touch Tables 

  • Touch Tables; Nursery and Junior

Low watt Visualisers with LED lighting 

  • Genee Vision Visualisers; from GV50UHD to GV91004KUHD  

LED backlit Visitor Management Systems 

  • Genee Registrar

What is a watt? 

According to The Electricity Forum, “a watt is a unit of power that measures the rate of energy transfer.” Simply put, the lower the watt, the less energy the item is using up. The less energy used will have a direct and positive impact on the energy savings and costings for your establishment. 

Source: What is a Watt? | Electricity Fundamentals ( 

To see how Genee can help with energy savings for your establishment, 

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