Everything you need in a touchscreen!

The G-Touch® Ruby is everything you need in an interactive display. The G-Touch® Ruby is packed with features that will enhance your presentations. The Ruby includes industry-leading 4K image quality with anti-glare, toughed glass, and 20-point touch.

The G-Touch® Ruby interactive display is also incredibly easy to use due to the user interface. User interface is one of the most important factors when developing digital technology. Developing a 3-touch rule allows users to access any function within 3 touches, ensuring an intuitive and easy way to use our G-touch® screens.


Multi Touch
With multi-touch technology
several people can work and
collaborate on the screen at
once. This allows you to also
benefit from multi-touch software.

Blue Light Filter
The blue light filter decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the device. This can help reduce digital eye strain, which will make your eyes feel less tired by the end of the day.

All of our G-Touch® screens have the latest anti-glare technology. This coupled with the brightness of our LED panel enable content to be viewed in any environment.

Gesture Control
The G-Touch® has been developed
to be as easy to use as possible.
Gestures reduce the number of
touches needed on the screens as
complicated functions can be
completed with simple swipes.

Dual Pen
The intuitive G-Touch® screen can recognise when you are using a pen or finger.


OPS Slot
All G-Touch® models have the option to add a built-in PC. Our simple ‘slide and secure’ fitting options allow for easy upgrades.

Front Facing Speakers
Crystal clear audio via the front facing speakers is ideal when incorporating video presentations or remote sessions.

Various Inputs
and Outputs

Buttons and connection ports are now front facing for easy access, and side facing for a neater and more permanent option, allowing devices to be connected through a range of multiple inputs; this makes it ideal for a variation between permanent and visiting staff and guests.

A multitude of different devices can be connected through a range of inputs and outputs, allowing the G-Touch® Ruby to easily integrate with all standard technology already in the classroom and workplaces.

Genee Wireless Display Mirroring

The G-Touch® Ruby has built in wireless display mirroring. This allows everyone in the room to cast their Apple, Google, Android or PC device directly to the screen. Allowing the option for immediate feedback by reviewing answers on the screen.

With more and more working spaces becoming digital, it is important for devices to be able to integrate with each other.

The G-Touch® Ruby allows users to cast their Google and Apple devices without the need for third party applications. Simply, press screen mirroring on your device, enter the code which is displayed on the touchscreen and you will be connected.

Built-In Android

The G-Touch® Ruby interactive display comes complete with an Android operating system and the ability to download apps from the Genee App Store. The Android system also allows users to cast their device onto the screen, and seamlessly use our Genee Vision Visualisers.


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Pre-Installed Apps
Free forever
SPARK II whiteboard software

SPARK II is an interactive screen software. Designed to work on both interactive whiteboards and LED touchscreens, it provides a presenter or teacher with an infinite canvas area. As well as importing documents and images from local files or the internet, this software will run over the top of other applications allowing you to annotate, highlight and manipulate objects. It comes with a range of tools such as a Compass, Protractor, Ruler, etc.

Also has Science and Maths Content built within it. SPARK II also has the ability to import Smart NoteBook Files meaning teachers do not have to recreate their lessons! SPARK II is available for FREE on all G-Touch® screens and on all teacher and student devices.

Genee App Store
“You wouldn’t buy a mobile device without an accompanying App Store, so why would you purchase a touchscreen without one?”

The G-Touch® Ruby comes with the Genee App Store pre-installed. The store provides quick and easy access to a range of applications. Specifically, a range of educational related applications that have been selected, tested and verified by a content team made up of ex teachers. The store features apps listed in easy to find filters such as subject, age range, key stage and product type. The Genee App store has hundreds of apps with over 80% being free of charge.

Educational Software

Pair your G-Touch® interactive display with Multitouch educational software.


Manage and control all of your G-Touch® screens through a single, cloud-based platform, enabling complex operations and tasks to be completed in a refreshingly simple manner.

• Control multiple devices at once.
• Ability to share messages.
• Updating software.


The G-Touch® Ruby comes with 5 Year Warranty.

Our Genee technical team are there to assist on any problems you may have with your Genee products, within your warranty period or outside the warranty period. Genee ensures to provide the ultimate customer experience, which is why Genee is one of the few AV manufacturers that employs its own dedicated internal technical team, rather than sub-contracting to a third party.

You can be rest assured when it comes to our hardware support, it will be a Genee qualified engineer who will provide the best customer service and support.


A fully qualified, experienced classroom teacher delivers our training programmes. This will enable you to fully utilise your new technology to enhance learning and presentations ultimately increasing engagement levels.

This programme is designed for skills training, building on the content of each introductory training session. Receive your first introductory training session for free when you purchase a G-Touch® display.

Stands and Wall Mounts

Designed to provide the perfect means for displaying your interactive touchscreen, whether in a classroom, training centre, or board room, we offer a comprehensive range of stands, trolleys and wall mounts.

Genee Vision Visualisers

Have you ever wondered whether you can take your presentation to the next level? Or how you can display your demonstration, experiment or printed document on a larger scale? With Genee Visualisers you can show visual content to enhance your presentation by showing your content – in almost microscopic detail.

OPS Unit

OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) enables the ability to upgrade your existing touchscreens to your individual requirements, while helping to future proof technology investments. You can simply just plug in the OPS unit and experience all the benefits of working in a PC environment.