Genee is a finalist!

  • Date: Aug 05, 2023

Genee is a finalist! We are thrilled to celebrate we have been shortlisted as one of the very best in educational resources. The G-Touch® Interactive Displays have been shortlisted in the EdTech & Software Category for Teach Secondary Awards 2023 

The Teach Secondary Awards discover the best resources secondary schools can use to improve their student outcomes, staff development and whole school practice. Awards provide a detailed picture of what supports teachers and schools in delivering the highest standards in education.  

So, what are our G-Touch® Interactive Displays? 

Our G-Touch Interactive Displays are made up of four screens under the Gem Series. The Gem Series consists of the Sapphire, Ruby, Opal and Emerald range. Each range has been created to give users the opportunity to pick a touchscreen that fits their requirements and budget. All of the Gem Series have 4K displays, 5-year warranty and are Windows, Mac and Chromebook compatible. 

 These are our most powerful engaging touchscreens to empower presenters and engage audiences. As a leading UK-based manufacturer of touchscreens, we work closely with teachers and educators to establish specific needs and requirements.