Get your hands on our premium interactive display!

Emerald Interactive Display
  • Date: Feb 24, 2023

Get your hands on our premium interactive display! Our continued innovation has helped us develop an interactive touch screen with outstanding image quality. With the highest brightness and sharpest image of any G-Touch® screen we have produced; the latest optically bonded panel technology allows the Emerald displays to have wide viewing angles with next to no glare. With precision touch the Emerald interactive display gives a responsiveness which is exceptional, and with USB Type C, 20W front facing speakers and even higher durability of glass. Your investment is future proofed! The software user interface is a critical factor when developing digital touch technology, and by continuously developing a 3-touch rule, it allows users to access any function within 3 touches; ensuring an intuitive and easy way to use our G-Touch® screens. 


Genee Interactive Display features

USB type C – the latest USB connector, futureproof connectivity. 

Optically Bonded – the latest technology for wide viewing angles for busy rooms. 

Built in Android – to seamlessly integrate technology and access apps. 

Multi Touch – provides collaboration for several people to work on the screen at once. 

Dual Pen – a natural writing experience, recognition when you use a pen or finger. 

OPS Slot – keeping it simple the option to add your very in built-in PC. 

Gesture Control – makes the screen easy to use – pinch, zoom and rotate the screen. 

Blue Light Filter – help reduce digital eye strain during long meetings. 

Anti-Glare – enables content to be viewed in any environment.  

Front Facing Speakers – nothing lost with our crystal-clear audio.


Internal UK-based technical and support team.   Training delivered by fully qualified Genee experts. 


Speak with a Genee representative today on 01902 390862 or email us.