GEM Series in stock for installation!

Genee Van leaving tunnel for delivery
  • Date: Feb 13, 2023

GEM Series in stock for quick installation! Hurry – limited slots available. We are excited to announce that, we have the G-Touch Sapphire and G-Touch Ruby interactive displays available for immediate installation! These interactive displays will enhance your presentations, collaborations and events.  


55”, 65” and 75” G-Touch Ruby


65” G-Touch Sapphire


  • Appearance 
    • Thinner bezel with a far sleeker appearance whilst still maintaining the functionality of the front facing speakers.
  • Floating Tool Bar  
    • Always available on the screen and over any source you choose. 
  • New Ports and Accessibility
    • Public USB and HDMI CEC. 
  • Multi-Touch  
    • The new screen now has an increased 20-point IR touch. 
  • Wireless Display Mirroring 
    • Display any MS Windows™, Android & Apple device directly to G-Touch® Ruby. 


  • Multi-Touch 
    • Allows several people to work and collaborate on the screen at once. 
  • OPS Slot
    • Allows for easy upgrades. 
  • Front Facing Speakers
    • Crystal clear audio via the front facing speakers is ideal when incorporating video presentations or remote sessions.  
  • Anti-Glare 
    • This coupled with the brightness of our LED panel enable content to be viewed in any environment. 

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