How Gamification Can Help Teachers!

  • Date: Oct 08, 2021

Venture beat recently wrote an article about how gamification can help education. Here’s a snippet

“Teachers need to be properly equipped. They can’t effectively gamify their classrooms if they don’t know how to best use the tools. Learning resources are only as good as the educators who put them to use. And if teachers’ eyes are not on the prize – as in, they don’t know what goal they are trying to achieve – the game won’t accomplish the learning it’s intended to help facilitate. Educators bring a holistic view of the learning plan, and they are the ones who identify how gamification and technology can fit into that broader plan.

One of the most vital benefits of gamification is its ability to provide variety for teaching students how to learn and how to think. Through a healthy dose of competition and the satisfaction of beating a level, gamification is encouraging students to be curious, think critically and collaborate with one another, especially when the game involves teams. With all the indicators in today’s world telling us to stay nimble, these are vital skills we need to be teaching”

How can Genee’s software encourage learning through gamification?

Genee’s learn hub software is designed specifically around multi-user gamification, Learn-Hub is a cloud-based software that includes nine fully adaptable learning activities. Activities are designed for Early Years & Primary students and can be customised and configured by the teacher to meet any level or topic of work. All activities are fully customisable with a simple interface to allow teachers to take full control. Teachers can also save, print and record student results. Up to 4 students at the same time can utilise the activities competitively and when used on an interactive screen (such as G-Touch Tables) the full multi-touch capabilities are revealed.


The Genee App Store

You wouldn’t buy the mobile device without an accompanying App Store, so why would you purchase a touchscreen without one?

The Genee App Store is a great way of downloading educational content. It provides quick and easy access to a range of educational related applications. All content is thoroughly inspected and verified by our content team before it is released and key stage categorised.

The powerful search engine allows the user to locate the apps by keywords. The Genee App has over 80 apps for every subject and key stage with more being added daily!

The Genee App Store is already integrated into the G-Touch screens, making it easy and hassle-free for you to access the perfect educational apps for your classroom!

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Read the full Venture Beat article here –

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