Visualisers, What are they?

  • Date: Oct 08, 2021

Visualisers  (Document Cameras)

What are they  

Visualisers also known as document camera is an essential tool in the classroom. They allow teachers and students to showcase work to a large audience in real time. Whether they are showcasing papers, textbooks, objects or even an experiment, a visualiser can capture, magnify and even allow you to annotate over the image.  

Why are they an important tool in the classroom? 

Having a visualiser in the classroom allows teachers to open up new ways of teaching. It allows students to discuss their work in front of the class allowing peer led assessments.  

 Teachers can also enable classroom discussions and collaboration as they are able to show multiple students work.  

With our powerful Genee Toolbar software teachers have the ability to capture pictures, record video, zoom in and out, rotate the image, annotate, zoom in and out and much more! 

Teachers can record themselves carrying out lessons using their resources, and students will be able to review them after class. 

The video can also be used as a resource for future presentations, which avoids repeat teaching. 

No matter what you are showcasing you can ensure you have the right tool to make it happen.  

Why Genee Vision? 

The Genee Vision Range 

Genee Vision Visualiser have been the forefront of Visualiser development since 2005. We have sold thousands on visualisers around the world and they are utilised in education and corporate markets.  

Our visualiser range allow teachers to have an advantage of combining common learning practices using pedagogy with modern technology to create a dynamic, differentiated curriculum that is designed for mixed-ability students.  

Our powerful and easy to use software gives users all the tools they need to fun and engaging presentations.  

We offer a range of Visualiser for different uses and budget.  Our well-known and unique visualiser range has recently been enhanced with the wireless range. These wireless visualisers can be charged overnight and used throughout the day by teachers and students with no wires, making it easy to move them around the classroom.   

Teachers are able to display any demonstrations clearly from the front of their classroom. Students can also present their work or group discussions safely, adhering to covid guidelines enabling collaboration and peer to peer learning!