• Date: Oct 13, 2023


Tauton School is an independent school catering to pupils and students from Nursery to Sixth Form with an added direction in welcoming international students aged 7 – 18. Their vision is to prepare young people for their lives beyond school and in a world that changes rapidly and that can adapt to a world of ever changing technology. With this vision, Tauton School were looking to work with an AV supplier who can provide expertise on the latest classroom solutions. The school had a long term plan to change their current projector and whiteboard systems to interactive displays that will help the teachers to create engaging and powerful lessons. Therefore, the school decided to look into the different companies that could potentially help with their upcoming AV strategy.

“When we were choosing a provider to help with this transition, we wanted a company not just to sell us the interactive display but a company who would be committed to work with us closely throughout the whole process. After researching and finding out about many different AV companies Interactive Education Solutions was a company that stood out from the rest.”


Interactive Education Solutions arranged onsite demonstrations at the school site and encouraged the teaching staff to have handson experience with the proposed technology. Site Surveys and health and safety checks were also conducted to help identify which solutions would be better suited for each room and to ensure the logistics and implementation would run smoothly and efficiently. Interactive Education Solutions is known for the direct relationships with brands and manufacturers to offer the highest level of service to schools and education establishments.

 “We liked the partnerships they had with manufacturers and loved how they could provide us with everything we needed such as installation, training and support. When first deciding the interactive displays Interactive Education Solutions suggested many brands but Genee was the most applicable for the goals we wanted to achieve.”


Tauton School have purchased over thirty interactive touchscreens from Interactive Education with an additional twenty-six being implemented furthermore. The school started their interactive touch screen journey with the 80″ G-Touch® Deluxe panel and have since upgraded to the newer 86″ G-Touch® 4K PLUS range in some areas already. “What set Genee apart from the many touchscreen manufacturers was the support, software and pricing they provided. With our long term goals, we wanted to ensure our staff had all the tools they needed to create and deliver exceptional lessons. We also received an amazing training session which was delivered in house and gave teachers the ability to ask any questions about the touchscreen and software. Genee was one of the only other brands to offer a free whiteboard software. With most other manufacturers we found that we had to pay an annual subscription fee just to use their whiteboard software. We also liked how Genee had a range of mounting options, which catered to our needs. If we ever had any issues with any of the touchscreens we could easily get through to the Genee Technical department who resolved the issues quickly and efficiently.”

“We can recommend the IES installation team highly. They are very polite and friendly, but what we liked most is their care and attention they gave to each individual teacher. They made sure the touchscreen is the perfect height for each teacher and their students. We have been really impressed with the helpfulness, kindness and knowledge of all the staff from the sales team to the install engineers. If any schools or institutions are looking for a company who they can trust and work with them to achieve their long term goals, then we wouldn’t recommend anyone but Interactive Education.”

Find out more about Interative Education Solutions here: https://interactive-education.co.uk/